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dryer repair calgary

Dryer Repair Service Calgary

Dryer Tips

  • It is important to maintain the efficiency of your dryer by cleaning the lint screen before every load.
  • Periodically check vent piping or also known as the hose, for loose connections and good airflow on the outside of the structure.  A plastic hose is no longer approved for vent usage and can pose as a fire hazard. Do not leave excessive amounts of hose behind machine as this can lead to restricted air flow. Check the outside of the flapper for ventilation and be sure that it is not restricted.
  • Over time, lint can build up at the rear of the dryer; the solution is to regularly vacuum any excess lint.
  • If the dryer is making unusual noises, we advise to have the unit serviced as promptly as possible in order to prevent further potential damage from occurring.
  • It is also recommended that approximately every five years a dryer be cleaned out in order to remove excessive lint which can potentially catch fire inside the dryer if excessive buildup is left unattended. Should you need dryer repair call Allkind Appliance Repair Calgary.