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Food Waste Disposer (Garburator) Repair and Tips Calgary

  • The garburator is a useful device for reducing waste that may otherwise enter our landfills and in turn leads to increased methane gas emissions. The use of garburators reduces landfill waste from the average household by 10-20%.
  • It is recommended that cold water be used when flushing solids and greasy foods to help solidify the oils and help prevent deposits from sticking to drain lines.
  • In the case of a jam occurring, first unplug the power cord. Some manufacturers allow the use of an Allen wrench inserted into the bottom of the motor to free up the object that has jammed the garburator. On occasion, it may be necessary to reach into the throat of the garburator (grind chamber) and remove the object that is causing the problem. Should you require garborator repair call Allkind Appliance Repair Calgary.