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Range (stove) Tips

  • The average range or stove has evolved significantly over the years. Our focus here is to describe some fundamental designs regarding their pros and cons. The most basic range has top coil burners which are removable. These types of ranges are economically priced and can typically make for a less complicated repair since the components are often more accessible. It must be noted that pots and pans may not always sit as level on coil elements.  One must be prepared that the open concept of these burners will allow spills to get beneath. Lastly, the heat from the coils over time may potentially cause the metal top of the range to sag or warp.
  • In comparison, a glass top range will always remain flat and spills wipe up with relative ease. The burners for glass top ranges typically have a long lifespan. When a boil over occurs it is recommended to move the pot to another burner so the liquid does not burn itself onto the glass, thus making the clean up much easier. Some liquids with sugar content can possibly etch the glass if left to burn. Manufacturers recommend that an approved cooktop cleaning cream be used for regular maintenance and cleaning of the surface. For those unavoidable spills that do burn onto the glass it may be necessary to use a razor blade to remove buildups that the cleaning cream cannot remove.  Please be careful and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to do this properly so as to not scratch the glass. In order to maintain a glass top range the key is to regularly clean the surface, in order to sustain a new appearance.
  • Gas range burners offer the advantage of precise heat control and the quickest heat on demand.  Gas ranges have a high heat tolerance and are able to withstand heavy usage. This type of range allows for furthering ones cooking, taking it to the professional level.
  • Self cleaning ovens have become the standard and tend to offer more precise temperature control when combined with an electronic control board.  Cleanup is made much easier and not to mention healthier since there are no cleaning chemicals required in the process.